Summer Music Articles - Bohemian Nights

Skydyed & Evanoff - Electronic Music in Full Effect!


Not only are there so many amazing musicians performing this weekend at the festival but there are also so many genres of music being represented. One of the most explosive ones on the national scene is EDM and we've got two of the hottest up and coming artists hitting the Linden St Stage on Saturday; Fort Collins' own Skydyed and the Boulder based group Evanoff.  I'm pretty sure that the term EDM is known to cause large amounts of confusion. The acronym stands for Electronic Dance Music and it has unfairly been given a bad rap stemming from not knowing what it is. NO, it's not just some dude playing with his computer or iPad. In fact, both of this year's EDM groups feature a live band re-creating the studio magic on stage. One way to wrap your head around it, is that it's produced music and it is truly an art form. Having the innovation to create beats, write a hook and orchestrate the instrumentation of an entire song on top of that is an enviable skill set. Colorado and Fort Collins in particular has a history steeped deep in the genre's growth and popularity with artists such as Pretty Lights, Michal Menert, Paul Basic and more calling the Choice City home. We're pumped to welcome some of these pioneering musicians to Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest. Make sure to see Evanoff this Saturday August 12th on Linden St Stage from 5:10 PM - 5:50 PM followed by Skydyed a couple sets later closing down Linden St from 7:50 PM - 8:30 PM.