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The Burroughs - Sweaty Greeley Soul for TNL!


It was just a few short years ago that The Burroughs seemingly came out of nowhere to claim their place as one of the best in our local music scene. They proudly call Greeley home and it truly seems like nowhere for such soulful music to make it's comeback in Colorado. But Greeley has some of the best musicians in the state if not the country attending their world class Jazz Program. It is most definitely a hidden gem in the Colorado talent pool and one of their shining stars, The Burroughs, have quickly become one of our favorite bands with their amazing horn section, catchy riffs and the always charismatic Johnny Burroughs front and center showcasing his incredibly soulful voice as well as his super sweet dance moves! We were fortunate enough to grab a few minutes of his time before their show tonight for TNL! Make sure to check it out below and make sure to get yourself to Old Town Square from 7 PM - 9 PM to see The Burroughs in action.

Tell us about your sound, and what we can look forward to on Thursday.

Johnny Burroughs: Energetic, groove-heavy, dance-friendly music that we call sweaty soul. Expect lots of sweaty grooves and songs to sing along to, and lots of room to dance.


Favorite thing about the music scene in Northern Colorado?

JB: The community! Northern Colorado bands – and the music lovers who take part in the scene – are so supportive and great. It’s nothin’ but love, and wanting other bands to succeed.


The one bummer about The Burroughs performing at Thursday Night Live is that we won’t see you on the festival lineup this year. Will you still go to the festival, and if so, who are you looking forward to seeing there?

JB: Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest has been incredible for us every year – our best memories over the last three years have been playing the festival (not to mention the green room experience)! We have a couple shows happening that weekend so we likely won’t get there, but I wish we could see Mama Magnolia and other soul bands like Mama Lenny and the Remedy that we’re friends with. Saturday’s Brent Cowles/Soul Caves double-header right before CAKE will be amazing – getting to see these great local artists do their thing in front of six or seven thousand people.


A big part of The Burroughs’ stage presence is the band’s collective style. Can you tell us about how it evolved?

JB: If you saw us at our first couple shows, we’d pick a color and just try to coordinate what we wore. We were pulling inspiration from the late ‘50s and early ‘60s – everyone looking fly. That’s when we established the gold aesthetic, which fits us because it’s big, bold and in-your-face. Gold doesn’t hide. We’re currently recording our first studio album for a release this winter, and our style is evolving along with our sound. As it evolves, our style conveys purpose and togetherness, as well as our individuality.