Tickle Me Pink

  • Tickle Me Pink
  • Genre
    Alternative Rock
  • Date
    Friday 08/12/2016
  • Time
    5:55 PM - 6:40 PM
  • Place
    Mountain Avenue Stage
  • Tickle Me Pink is a rock band formed in 2005 in Fort Collins, CO. Tickle Me Pink was formed in 2005 by Sean Kennedy, Stefan Runstrom and Johnny Schou. In 2007, Tickle Me Pink worked with producer Lee Miles to craft their first full length record "Madeline." With guitarist Steven Beck added to the lineup, Tickle Me Pink released their first single from the album entitled "Typical." After gaining heavy rotation on radio, the band received major label attention and would go on to re-release the album "Madeline" with Wind-Up Records in July 2008.

    Following the tragic loss of Schou on the day of the record release, Tickle Me Pink enlisted long-time friend Joey Barba to join them on the road as guitarist. Barba grew up with Tickle Me Pink in the Colorado music scene as the guitarist of the band The Brotherhood of Dae Han.

    Tickle Me Pink performed a number of subsequent national tours to support the record "Madeline" and continued to grow their fan base. In 2010, Tickle Me Pink released their final EP entitled "On Your Way Down" and played a farewell show the same year.

    Members of the band continue to perform and produce music in Colorado and the Los Angeles area.