The Epilogues

  • The Epilogues
  • Genre
    Indie Rock
  • Date
    Sunday 08/14/2016
  • Time
    5:20 PM - 6:10 PM
  • Place
    Linden Street Stage
  • The Epilogues are a commanding indie/synth/rock outfit hailing from Denver, Colorado. Combining pristine melodies, meaningful lyrics and dynamic keyboards, the band delivers polished and dance-worthy tunes that carry a kick. The passionate urgency with which they play leaves fans both elated and yearning for more.

    In late 2010, The Epilogues were poised for a national takeover. After their single "Hunting Season" made its way into the power rotation on Denver's premier alt rock radio station, it spent multiple months on the station's "8 Most Wanted" list.

    The music video also attracted over 100,000 hits on YouTube. With their newfound attention, the band was courted by several top management and booking agencies. In 2011, the band and label began constructing a large record deal for their entire catalog.

    However, the band's story echoes those of other modern-day bands who would have rocketed to dizzying success in the music industry of yesteryear. With the acquisition of a new CEO at the major label, cutbacks wreaked havoc on funding and distribution. In November 2011, doors were closed on the subsidiary label that offered The Epilogues a record deal. The band was left reeling after a wasted year.

    While many bands might become disheartened after such an intimate glimpse of quick success, The Epilogues took it as a sign to take control of their burgeoning career. They went back to work, producing new material that embraced the disappointment and darkness of the previous year.

    In 2012, The Epilogues released a hauntingly beautiful music video for their single "The Fallout" which debuted as the No. 1 most commented on, No. 3 most shared video on They also played at a continuous stream of esteemed festivals alongside acts like Cold War Kids, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, the Airborne Toxic Event and more.

    "Cinematics" finally debuted in November 2012. Written and recorded over the span of three years, Cinematics is an honest reflection of the band's experiences, encapsulating both the height of success and the dark days that followed. Eschewing major labels this time around, the Epilogues released "Cinematics" on a homegrown record label that is devoted to the community of Denver.

    While "Cinematics" is about loss, it's also an album about empowerment. It's about the Epilogues starting over on their own terms, the new music industry and working with people they trust–rather than those with the most money.