• iZCALLi
  • Genre
    Latin Rock
  • Date
    Saturday 08/13/2016
  • Time
    3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
  • Place
    Mountain Avenue Stage
  • iZCALLi is band that knows no barriers. Born on both sides of the border, it swigs its evolving sound from many wells of tradition, €”from Latin-tinged echoes to punching metal to filthy blues. This music is undeniably American, in English and in Espanol. With over 10 years of staying power under their belt, iZCALLi continues the fight for what'€™s right in music and the one thing they know all too well: rock '€˜n'€™ roll.

    iZCALLi makes the kind of music you leave home to. Melancholy folk phrases lashed to driving beats that pin the pedal to the floor, €”that Molotov of nostalgia and exhilaration, the immigrant song. It'€™s a feeling iZCALLi knows quite well. The band is named for the Mexican birthplace of members and siblings Miguel (lead guitar and vocals) and Brenda Avina (bass), and is the Nahuatl word for rebirth.

    The band is from both sides of the border (drummer Luiggy Ramirez hails from Colorado) and formed in the Denver, Colorado over ten years ago. iZCALLi, over the course of three LPs and hundreds of shows, has garnered a loyal flock of fans of every color, from every background, rich and poor. The result is Rock En Tu Idioma (RETI), a community for making rock '€˜n'€™ roll music for the melting pot that is deeply American and without frontiers.

    This is iZCALLi'€™s appeal: the kind of music that makes you leave home and return; exhilarating live shows that celebrate tradition and kin; unite what you find with what you left behind; and open the heart, so that you know you are home.