Hello Dollface

  • Hello Dollface
  • Genre
    Soul, R&B
  • Date
    Friday 08/12/2016
  • Time
    5:00 PM - 5:50 PM
  • Place
    Library Park Stage
  • The music of female-fronted eclectic soulchild Hello Dollface unfolds with unexpected flashes of color,€” a flower blossoming in the desert, the fractured kaleidoscope of your favorite daydream, a voyage into a twilight, streaked with the soothing hues of a summer evening. The group is a many-headed monster, a good-witch-meets-Medusa kind of thing, moving in every direction at the same time. Think soul cataclysm, the wail of a Warrior Goddess, driven by dub-conscious indie rockers, jazz-inspired and stirred by a heavy backbeat.

    Hello Dollface came together in southwest Colorado when vocal powerhouse Ashley Edwards joined with bassist Jesse Ogle, who had just quit a West Coast electro jazz/funk band and relocated to the high desert, multi-instrumentalist Dr. Easton Studard, a Downbeat magazine award-winning jazz musician, and drummer Adam Sweet.

    Hello Dollface specializes in expressing complex emotions with insightful songs driven by perpetual rhythms, with an ever-shifting onstage lineup and an emphasis on imbuing their audiences with a sense of consciousness through art. The concerts are always alchemical affairs, integrating video projection, sometimes collaborating with circus, lyra dancers, and silk aerialists, to enhance the overall surreal visual and sonic experience. The group has headlined at venues and played festivals around the Southwest and West Coast.

    "Warrior of Light,"€ is the current Hello Dollface release. Says Edwards, "€œ[it] calls to many different listeners because it has shape, diversity, and direction. We call it "€˜vagabond soul,"€™ a genre tour of passionate, soulful, throwback ballads, downtempo electronica, jazz, pop, lyrical R&B, with the slightest hint of reggae."€ The pop/rock/downtempo electronic elements are balanced by jazz-influenced syncopations and instrumental solos, featuring odd time signatures, meter changes and complex harmonic textures. Tucson vocalists Genevieve Gaus and Charlie Hall add backing vocals on several tracks.

    Intent on creating something bigger than a band, the group brought their vision,€” of a dynamic musical community that brings musicians, students and audiences together in a spirit of cooperation, to life through the creation of their affiliated nonprofit, iAM MUSIC. IAM MUSIC is music education organization and professional artist network that aims, says Edwards, to “teach students of all ages and all skill levels, to create a conscious society through the power of music.” It also encourages collaboration between artists, helping less-recognized national indie acts exchange shows, tours, and ideas. The nonprofit recently produced a two-day iAM MUSIC FEST! festival of performances, workshops and conversations.